It's Time to Shatter the Glass Ceiling

It is 2017, and women are still not being treated equally to men, from the wage gap and microagressions in the workplace to policies that burden working mothers. Look no further than Susan J. Fowler's account on her experience at a major company to see this in action. However, much of systemic discrimination is left unnoticed, partially due to how difficult it is to find publicly available information on how women are being treated at each company. That is where Activerank comes in. With just a click of a button, this open-source extension enables you to find out how well the companies and websites you frequent online treat their female employee. The first step to stopping discrimination is knowledge, and with ActiveRank, our goal is to make this data interactive.



Company ratings

Find out how the companies you frequent treat their female employees.

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Companies can have the same ranking but have extremely different work conditions for women. See a breakdown of ratings in benefits, salary, and representation of women.

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Coming soon: Suggestions

While shopping, find more women-friendly sites that are selling what you're buying.

Our Methodology

Many companies do not make data on the gender pay gap and benefits publicly available, or make it incredibly difficult to access. Thus, we use metrics from leading sources of workplace employee data, alongside self-reported websites such asFairyGodBoss. There are also other sources such as Tracy Chou's collection of data. We are always looking for suggestions around better ways to rank, so if you have any suggestions, shoot them over to or do a pull-request to our github repo!